We measure the value of what we do in long term relationships – not six minute intervals.

Time costing makes no sense to us – it rewards inefficiency not knowledge and expertise and, from our client’s perspective, it causes uncertainty and stress in already stressful situations. We believe our clients would like to pay us fairly for our work and we have several options for payment you may consider – depending on your matter.

If you prefer traditional billing – the general rule is that you will be charged each and every time someone opens your file, works on your file or even thinks about your file! It is perfect for people who can divide their life into six minute increments. If you opt for time billing we won’t charge you each time we speak to you or you speak to us. Time will only be billed for the actual legal work performed.

In some kinds of matters, we can quote a price for you. We name a price that we estimate is fair value for the work performed and we will do the work for that price. No shock to the system when you receive the bill.

If you are a serial offender, litigious or just someone with a lot of business going on, pay us a retainer and we will be at your beck and call (between the hours of 9.00-5.00). We will only bill you for disbursements.

Or, we will try to give you a reasonable estimate of the cost of your matter and will allow you to pay our professional fees in regular instalments to spread the costs and help ease your financial burden. If we need to engage a barrister or file documents on your behalf, we will invoice you at cost. By paying us on a monthly basis you know there will be no heart-stoppingly large bill to pay at the end of your matter.

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