Being your own boss can be a dream come true or a nightmare.  Investing your life’s savings in a business requires courage, determination and hope in equal parts.  As over 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years you must take steps to ensure that you...

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The Basics of Buying a business

Many people dream of owning their own business, being their own boss and making their own rules.  That dream of freedom and independence is a long way from reality and many small businesses fail within the first few years leaving their owners disillusioned and in...

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Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning Succession planning for businesses Appointing a new Trustee Shareholder and partnership agreements Planning your exit strategy   You do not actually own the property held in a trust or owned by a company.  You may be a trustee and...

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FREE JP Service

Smithfield Law offer FREE Justice of the peace services. From certifying documents, witnessing statutory declarations, witnessing affidavits and much more. Give us a call on 07 4038 8300 to arrange a time to come on...

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Estate Planning Part 2

MAKING YOUR WILL AND GETTING IT RIGHT Making a will Superannuation Trusts and Business Interests   The best thing you can do for your family after your death is to ensure that you have a valid will. Not only will this facilitate the settlement of your affairs, it...

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Useful Links

Conveyancing Information on the first home owners grants Information on calculating duty Flood Maps and Data...

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Estate planning Part 1

  ESTATE PLANNING – MAKING THOSE LIFE AND DEATH DECISIONS OR WHERE THERE IS NO WILL THERE IS A WAR Estate planning Going guarantor for your children Superannuation and the family home Making an Enduring Power of Attorney Estate planning seems a fancy term for...

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Several law firms in Queensland and here in the Far North have had their emails compromised and their clients have received emails supposedly from the law practice advising them that the law practice’s trust account is being audited and cannot receive funds and...

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Why it’s so hard to be a Lawyer

United States lawyer Jeena Cho recently published a blog entitled “11 Reasons Why it’s so hard Being a Lawyer.”  We can relate to many of the comments she made and we thought we would share some of them with you.   We are your lawyer not your BFF   Cho says...

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