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Everyone has a family doctor, why not a family lawyer?

And we are not just your normal family lawyers, we are lawyers with attitude….. and a sense of humour.

If you are looking for quality legal advice that you do not have to mortgage your house or sell your first born child to pay for, then we are the ones to talk to.

Smithfield law is located right in the heart of the Cairns Beaches, just off the Highway at Smithfield and a short walk from the shopping centre. (This is for easy access to shoe shops, book stores and the other necessities in life).

We have a great team of professionals who are here to take the stress and hardship out of your legal matters and to give you back control of your life.

If you have a problem or simply want some general advice, come and see us. Dentists are scarier than we are. To us you are a person not a File!

If you have any legal issue at all give us a call WE CAN HELP.



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