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We don’t cover every area of the law – we only do what we are good at. This is what we are good at:

Family Law

Relationship breakdowns are one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. You can feel alone, down hearted and not know where to turn. You need a plan; a focus to carry you forward into the next stage of your life. Smithfield Law provides Family Law advice for you to do just that.

Property Law

Buying or selling property? Whether it’s to draw up the contract or act on your behalf, Smithfield Law offers a professional conveyancing service at a competitive price.


Commercial Law

Buying into or selling a franchise or business? Transferring business assets? Creating a company or trust? Entering into a commercial or retail lease?

Do you need advice regarding the financial implications of a commercial conveyance?

Estate Law

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there are only two certainties in life. The first is death, and the second is taxes.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the latter, however in regards to the former we do have control over what will happen to our assets in the future.

Criminal Law

Unfortunately there are times when you just can’t go it alone!
Our lawyers can work with you to get you through something as simple as a traffic offence, to a full court trial. Get the right advice from the start and we can help you minimise costs, and possible penalties.

Civil Matters

Don’t wait until a dispute spins out of control before seeking legal advice. Early advice and intervention can often help contain your dispute and save you the expense and wasted time of court proceedings later on.

Whether you have a tree or fencing dispute with your neighbour, or have been wronged in the work place, we can advise and act for you in any civil matter, so if you are suing or being sued, call us today. If you have any questions or are uncertain whether you need a lawyer please contact us. We will point you in the right direction.

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